One of those girls

Hi guys. I’m one of those girls who’s like “Omg. I want to do this!”, and “Ahh! I want to do that!” Always planning, and hardly ever following through… But I’m announcing to my little corner of cyberspace that I have indeed decided to go back to school… I’m in contact with admissions at a local university, and after I hear back about my eligibility for the program, I’ll apply (or otherwise complete necessary undergraduate courses). I plan to become a History and Social Studies teacher, and I’ll seek a Masters in Education… but don’t tell my mother… She’d be too happy. lol

In other news, I left my waitressing job which I loved! And now, I’m a Barista! I love making coffee, but I’m looking forward to teaching in the future.

Also, I finally have a Twitter! Find me on @loveandalyssa!

Thanks and Blessings to you,



I’m Thankful For…

I’m Thankful for…

1. Fall Leaves

2. Hot Cocoa weather!

3. My turtles, even if they’re becoming inactive for the wintertime!

4. My friends

5. Fondue Parties!

6. My kitty, especially when he’s playful!

7. Netflix

8. New stationary

9. Hot water

10. Good wine

11. Sunshine

12. Tears

13. Christmas movies

14. Recycling centers

15. My mom and dad

16. My in-laws

17. Dishwashers

18. My job!

19. My church family


21. Tea

22. Vacuums

23. Sweet dreams

24. My pen pals

25. Bookstores

26. My phone

27. My grandmothers

28. Indoor heating

29. Indoor plumbing

30. My car!

31. The ability to run

32. My charming community

33. My doggie!

34. Red hair

35. Mittens

36. Wool Blankets

37. Food

38. Quiet

39. Clothes

40. Comfy couches

41. Malls

42. Mentors

43. E-mail

44. Flowers

45. The smell of cotton

46. Colors

47. Sweet Potatoes

48. Thanksgiving

49. My loving husband, Mark 🙂

50. JESUS!

What’s New in November

Dear Blog Friends,

Thank you for sticking with me. You mean so much to me!

Lately, I’ve had the idea in my head that my life’s just not blog-worthy. I know deep down that I have wonderful stories to tell, but there’s a voice that tells me, “You’re not good enough”. I want to stomp this negative voice right out! I want to reclaim my blog…

So, first, God is doing some pretty special things in my life right now. As you know, He allowed pushed me to switch jobs, and now I have way more time to devote to things I love. He’s also lead me to people who believe in me, and I believe He’s revealing his plans for me through them. For example, this morning I’m meeting with my minister to discuss a service ministry called CARE. The purpose of CARE is to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to the elderly of our congregation and community. The support can be anything from praying to cleaning their homes to having chats over tea. My role in  CARE would be to provide the structure and to encourage involvement through recruiting and training. I’m excited to see where this new program leads, and I would appreciate your prayers for the lives we’ll touch in the meantime.What’s God doing through you today?

Also, I’ve had some wonderful culinary adventures lately. Just yesterday, I baked Maple Glazed Doughnuts from Sally’s Baking Addiction ( I also made some quick and easy dinner rolls which turned out way better than I imagined. Today, I’m going to make Pumpkin cupcakes for my mom’s birthday! I’ll let you guys know how they turn out. Have you been in the kitchen lately? What have you made?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love my job! I’m a little nervous about tomorrow though. I’m going to work my first brunch shift for a friend and my regular dinner shift. The full day will be over 12 hours of work! I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself, but I’m scared I’ll get pretty tired or stressed. Will you pray for me to succeed? Thank you. If employed, how’s work for you?

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your time and support! I’d love to hear your feedback as we go through this blog life together!

Peace and Love,


10 Things I Love About Being A Waitress

I’ve been a waitress for a little over a month now, and I absolutely love it! Here’s why:

1. I get to meet new people every shift!

2. I’m building relationships with our “regulars”.

3. I get to serve others (after all, my job title is “server”).

4. I get to talk about my other love, FOOD!

5. I see old friends who so happen to stop by. For example, my old neighbors and a high school classmate were at my restaurant over the weekend.

6. I love the team I work with! They’re amazing!

7. I’m learning new skills (as I’d never been a waitress before), and I love learning!

8. I get a free meal after each shift… And who doesn’t like free food?

9. I stay busy on the job instead of clock watching. “Time flies by when you’re having fun”!

10. At the end of my work day, I don’t feel like I’ve worked a bit. I’m honestly enjoying what I do, so it’s not “work”, it’s a “labor of love”!

Wonderful Weekend Vol. 4

Hello, Friends! I realize I’ve been MIA lately, but I’ve been quite busy doing life! In fact, I just had an incredible Columbus Day weekend!

My weekend started off with a bang when Mark and I hosted an Ice Cream Social at our apartment. We invited a mixed group of people, and we enjoyed having everyone over for a great time of fellowship… and sweets!

Ice Cream 2

On Saturday, I had a lovely time at the in-laws with my puppy, Maddux. We ate pancakes and shared lots of laughs! I know it’s probably odd to love spending time with one’s in-laws as much as I do, but they truly are great people and wonderful examples of Christ-followers!

Sunday afternoon, Mark and I participated in a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. We joined friends and family from our home church, and we had loads of fun raising money and awareness for breast cancer/research. I love how beautifully our Fredericksburg community comes together for amazing causes like this one. We are so blessed to live in a town with such a big heart!

Ice Cream 1

Lastly, I made Ree Drummond’s applesauce recipe from locally-grown apples… I love fall, and the applesauce fully embraced what the flavor of fall means to me! I’d recommend checking out the applesauce recipe here:

So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Columbus Day? I would love to hear what’s happening in your life. Thanks for following, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Peace and Love,


Happy Friday!

Friday. Friday. Friday. I will say it again, “Friday!” I am so happy for today.

This week, I have had such a great time! I’m loving my new job as a waitress. I love my time at home, taking care of the animals and household chores. I’m truly blessed to be where I am at! Here are my top 3 favorite things about this week:

1. Mark and I went to my parents’ house for lunch on Sunday. It was so nice to catch up with my parents and share a meal in their kitchen again. They provided a feast for us; my mom prepared several veggies and bread, and my dad grilled steaks. We even had apple pie and salted caramel ice cream for dessert. Yum! I’m so grateful for their hospitality.

2. I had my first full morning of volunteering at a local women’s shelter. I must admit, I was bored at first, but then the office gave me more things to do. I’m glad I can serve at a nearby non-profit organization, whether bored or busy. Honestly, I would like to find a career in the non-profit world someday, and I feel content to be a volunteer for now.

3. Mark and I have had some amazing mornings this week! I used to feel like our mornings were dependent on my ability to make a good breakfast and good coffee… But I’ve realized we can enjoy ourselves whether I mess up the coffee (hello, French Press) or feed us toast. We have more time to connect early in the morning, and we plan out our days and lives in the wee morning hours. I’m thankful for a husband who wakes up early with me and starts my day off right!

So, what about you? How’s your week been? Are you ready for the weekend?