I’m Thankful For…

I’m Thankful for…

1. Fall Leaves

2. Hot Cocoa weather!

3. My turtles, even if they’re becoming inactive for the wintertime!

4. My friends

5. Fondue Parties!

6. My kitty, especially when he’s playful!

7. Netflix

8. New stationary

9. Hot water

10. Good wine

11. Sunshine

12. Tears

13. Christmas movies

14. Recycling centers

15. My mom and dad

16. My in-laws

17. Dishwashers

18. My job!

19. My church family


21. Tea

22. Vacuums

23. Sweet dreams

24. My pen pals

25. Bookstores

26. My phone

27. My grandmothers

28. Indoor heating

29. Indoor plumbing

30. My car!

31. The ability to run

32. My charming community

33. My doggie!

34. Red hair

35. Mittens

36. Wool Blankets

37. Food

38. Quiet

39. Clothes

40. Comfy couches

41. Malls

42. Mentors

43. E-mail

44. Flowers

45. The smell of cotton

46. Colors

47. Sweet Potatoes

48. Thanksgiving

49. My loving husband, Mark 🙂

50. JESUS!


New Beginnings

Yay! New beginnings make me so happy! I love changes, and I love learning new things.

So, let’s admit it, my recent posts about my life were kinda droopy. I mean, who wants to hear about broken cars and lost jobs? I can’t say I remained as upbeat as my blog posts let on… I may have broken down at some point last week because I was so confused about where my life was headed; however, this week, I have the best news to share with you!

First, God blessed me with a new job! Hallelujah! Last Friday, I drove past a local restaurant on my way home from buying groceries, and I noticed a “Now Hiring” sign out front. I could not get the message off of my mind. It was about noon, so I decided to wait until after the lunch hour to go check things out. At 1:45pm, I walked into the restaurant and inquired about their job opportunities. The restaurant was looking for servers, so I decided to fill in an application. After I filled in my application, the manager invited me in for an interview on Monday morning! I could not help but smile all weekend just thinking about the opportunity! On Monday, I went in for the interview and walked out with a job! I had my first shift yesterday, and I had a great time. I have my second bit of training tonight, and I’m excited to learn more and do more! I’ve been so blessed with the opportunity to work within walking distance of my apartment, and I’m so thankful that I have something to do!

Also, Mark and I have been blessed by another answered prayer. We found a pickup truck on Craigslist at a price point we could afford. We bought the truck yesterday, so now we have two vehicles again. It seems like all the heartache of the past two weeks just dissipated. Our mourning was turned into joy! I’m so overwhelmed by the love God showed us, and I’m so excited for this new season of our lives.

What has God been doing in your life lately? I cannot wait to hear about it!

Peace and Love,


God is Good

“God is good.” I’ve heard the phrase more times than I could ever count, and I know for a fact it is true. God has carried me through my worst times, and God has been the source of my joy in the good times, too. 

Last week, two major things happened in my life that rocked my safe, little world.

On August 31, I was driving from a friend’s house to pick up Mark from his buddy’s Labor Day weekend barbecue. On the way, I got into a car accident which really shook me up both physically and emotionally. By Wednesday, Mark and I learned that his car (the one I was driving at the time) was totaled. Thankfully, I had a car as well, and Mark could use it to drive to work. I didn’t/don’t understand why I had to get into an auto accident and lose Mark’s car. Maybe there was a reason, or maybe it was just “one of those things”. Assuredly, God kept me safe from harm in the accident (as well as the driver of the other vehicle), and I have to learn to let go of Mark’s car and the guilt which accompanies totaling it.

Secondly, I got an unexpected call from my boss on Wednesday (I was working from home whilst recouping from the accident). He said my project (with the government) ended, and my job would be ending in the middle of this month. My boss, a family friend, is doing all he can to find me new work, but he asked me to start looking for a job on my own as well. I don’t mind applying to jobs, and I’m glad the economy is recovering; however, I’m bitten with uncertainty as I may be unemployed next week and perhaps for a while.

I know God blesses us, and He lets us go through these times of struggle to make us stronger and to allow us to rely more fully on Him. I do believe He has big plans in store for me with my work life and just in general. He kept me safe in the accident, and just as He provided a job for me before, I know He can and will provide again. Remember, God is good. I wish it was easier to stay strong during the bad times, but I must admit, I’m prone to worry and doubt. I need the gentle whisper of the Lord (and sometimes the booming voice!) to keep me calm, and I need to trust in His promises. Have you ever had a week that threw you off balance? What happened? What did you do? Can you look back and see God working through the pain, the struggle?

Blondies and Bliss

I believe everything has a purpose. This afternoon, I took care of mundane tasks. Folding laundry. Cleaning my bedroom. Doing dishes. My reward? Well, I got my just “desserts”. I baked chocolate chip blondies. Yum! What could be more rewarding than warm, soft chocolate chip blondie? Yet, the question remains. Was their a purpose to my afternoon’s labors?
Yes, indeed. On a personal note, I feel accomplished. I feel at peace with my surroundings (my house in this case). And well, those choco chip blondies? They have a purpose! Boyfriend is coming over soon, and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s true for my man at least. The “have to do” things are meaningful. I like that fact about life 🙂
On a different note, I’m starting to read The Hunger Games. I watched the movie last night, and it was decent. I’d like to get through Catching Fire by Thanksgiving, the day I go to see the movie with my family. Have you read The Hunger Games series? Should I be excited about the reads? the next movie?