I’m Thankful For…

I’m Thankful for…

1. Fall Leaves

2. Hot Cocoa weather!

3. My turtles, even if they’re becoming inactive for the wintertime!

4. My friends

5. Fondue Parties!

6. My kitty, especially when he’s playful!

7. Netflix

8. New stationary

9. Hot water

10. Good wine

11. Sunshine

12. Tears

13. Christmas movies

14. Recycling centers

15. My mom and dad

16. My in-laws

17. Dishwashers

18. My job!

19. My church family


21. Tea

22. Vacuums

23. Sweet dreams

24. My pen pals

25. Bookstores

26. My phone

27. My grandmothers

28. Indoor heating

29. Indoor plumbing

30. My car!

31. The ability to run

32. My charming community

33. My doggie!

34. Red hair

35. Mittens

36. Wool Blankets

37. Food

38. Quiet

39. Clothes

40. Comfy couches

41. Malls

42. Mentors

43. E-mail

44. Flowers

45. The smell of cotton

46. Colors

47. Sweet Potatoes

48. Thanksgiving

49. My loving husband, Mark 🙂

50. JESUS!


10 Things I Love About Being A Waitress

I’ve been a waitress for a little over a month now, and I absolutely love it! Here’s why:

1. I get to meet new people every shift!

2. I’m building relationships with our “regulars”.

3. I get to serve others (after all, my job title is “server”).

4. I get to talk about my other love, FOOD!

5. I see old friends who so happen to stop by. For example, my old neighbors and a high school classmate were at my restaurant over the weekend.

6. I love the team I work with! They’re amazing!

7. I’m learning new skills (as I’d never been a waitress before), and I love learning!

8. I get a free meal after each shift… And who doesn’t like free food?

9. I stay busy on the job instead of clock watching. “Time flies by when you’re having fun”!

10. At the end of my work day, I don’t feel like I’ve worked a bit. I’m honestly enjoying what I do, so it’s not “work”, it’s a “labor of love”!

Happy Friday!

Friday. Friday. Friday. I will say it again, “Friday!” I am so happy for today.

This week, I have had such a great time! I’m loving my new job as a waitress. I love my time at home, taking care of the animals and household chores. I’m truly blessed to be where I am at! Here are my top 3 favorite things about this week:

1. Mark and I went to my parents’ house for lunch on Sunday. It was so nice to catch up with my parents and share a meal in their kitchen again. They provided a feast for us; my mom prepared several veggies and bread, and my dad grilled steaks. We even had apple pie and salted caramel ice cream for dessert. Yum! I’m so grateful for their hospitality.

2. I had my first full morning of volunteering at a local women’s shelter. I must admit, I was bored at first, but then the office gave me more things to do. I’m glad I can serve at a nearby non-profit organization, whether bored or busy. Honestly, I would like to find a career in the non-profit world someday, and I feel content to be a volunteer for now.

3. Mark and I have had some amazing mornings this week! I used to feel like our mornings were dependent on my ability to make a good breakfast and good coffee… But I’ve realized we can enjoy ourselves whether I mess up the coffee (hello, French Press) or feed us toast. We have more time to connect early in the morning, and we plan out our days and lives in the wee morning hours. I’m thankful for a husband who wakes up early with me and starts my day off right!

So, what about you? How’s your week been? Are you ready for the weekend?



6 Things to put on your Wedding Registry

Hello, Friends!

As soon as I got married, all of my engaged friends kept asking about my wedding registry. “What are you glad you put on your registry?” “What do you wish you put on your registry?” “Did people buy the most expensive things on your registry?”

So, today I want to answer their questions by taking a look at 5 6 Things to put on your Wedding Registry. Please note, these opinions are completely my own, and it’s okay if you disagree or think I’m crazy!

1. A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer


I always loved using my mother’s Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for cookies, cakes and other goodies as I was growing up. It was as much a part of our kitchen as the table and sink! Kitchen Aids can make so many recipes easier, like making whipped cream for instance. I just love the way this handy tool can handle just about anything, and I loved picking out the color with Mark!

2. Fun Table Settings


Mark and I put Fiestaware on our registry, and we had a great time picking out the colors! Now, we are cheered by the brightness they bring to the kitchen, and we love mixing colors at each meal! I’m not saying everyone should choose Fiestaware, but it’s important to remember that the table settings one picks will be used daily, so why not make them fun?!

3. The Griddler


Aw yeah! The Griddler is a crazy appliance that gets so much use in our house! We use it for paninis for a quick dinner with soup. We use it to grill chicken because it’s convenient in our apartment setting. It can make pancakes, bacon, burgers, and more! We love our Griddler, and even though it’s not a must, it’s definitely a fun object to have!

4. A Nice Knife Set


Mark had strong opinions about what kind of knives he wanted to put on our registry… So, I let him take the lead on this one! I’m so glad I let him pick out these knives because they’re so sharp and work wonderfully every time in the kitchen! I find myself reaching for one, two or three of these guys every single day, so I believe a nice knife set is something one should not glance over when it comes to registry time!

5. A Spaghetti Scoop


So, a spaghetti scoop may sound like an odd suggestion, but trust me, this pick comes from my experience. The first meal I made at home for Mark was spaghetti because I figured we needed something quick and easy while we were still moving into our apartment. Although making spaghetti  itself isn’t hard, scooping up the spaghetti was quite difficult because we didn’t have a scoop! We also may have ran to the store for a colander because we needed to strain the spaghetti as well. At least we now have a silly memory of our first meal in the new place!

So, I’d recommend to you as I did my friends to not worry about price points. Our knife set and Kitchen Aid mixer weren’t cheap, but folks gathered around and purchased them on our behalf. Moreover, they loved helping out us newlyweds!

Also, I’d like to share how I felt receiving all these gifts from cheerful hearts. I was reminded of the passage of scripture in Acts 2, which states the believers “had everything in common” (verse 44). I truly felt like I was back there with the first Christians because my family was pitching in and sharing what they had, big or small, with Mark and me. It was such a blessing to experience that love and kindness, and I’m grateful for all their support!

I hope my little list has helped you in some way, and I would love to hear suggestions for items to add or personal experiences with registries. I’m grateful for your readership, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace and Love,


P.S. I almost forgot! There’s one more thing I would recommend to put on a wedding registry…

6. A sturdy pots and pans set


Mark recommended we add a high-quality pots and pans set to our registry… and I’m delighted with what we got! Honestly, I wasn’t sure we’d end up with the set we chose because it was quite pricey, but Mark’s relatives pitched in and bought us the set. These days, we use our pots and pans everyday, and it’s to nice to have a set that heats up quickly, has good non-stick and is easy to clean (dishwasher safe!). I don’t know where we’d be without our pots and pans!

Wonderful Weekend Vol. 2

The following are my top 5 favorite things about this past weekend:

1. Watched The Hundred-Foot Journey with my friend, Cindy. I hardly ever go to the movies, so the film was a special treat! I enjoyed it because I love cooking and chick flicks!

2. Taught Ladies Bible study on Saturday morning at my church. I was so encouraged by meeting together with like-minded women. We’re studying Philippians and our curriculum is “Knowing Jesus, Knowing Joy” by Melanie Newton (available online for free at http://www.melanienewton.com/free_bible_studies_files/knowingjesus-joybiblestudy.pdf). We also had a potluck breakfast before class, and the fellowship was amazing! Love those ladies 🙂

3. Made crafts with my friend, Ashleigh, and her daughter, Scarlett (age 5)! I worked on a top-secret project for Mark’s birthday while Ashleigh painted cards and Scarlett painted artwork for my apartment. We also told jokes, and Scarlett taught me about her Tinkerbell video game. I was incredibly blessed by our chill time while Mark was away at work!

4. Ate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins! Mark and I started his birthday week right with homemade muffins on Sunday! I made them in the morning before church, and we ate them warm… So good!photo (3)

5. Walked to the library with Mark and my brother, Tim. The weather was so mild on Sunday, and I’d been cooped up in the house doing chores and writing Thank You cards. At about three o’clock, Tim and I decided to walk to the library (a little over a mile away), and we invited Mark and Maddux to join us! I picked up a book called, The Summer Wind, by Mary Alice Monroe. It’s the second book in The Lowcountry Summer Trilogy. I’ve started the book, and it’s really good so far. What are you reading these days? Anyway, the walk was lovely! I’m so glad to live in an urban environment where I can walk to places such as the local library!

How was your weekend?

Peace and Love,