One of those girls

Hi guys. I’m one of those girls who’s like “Omg. I want to do this!”, and “Ahh! I want to do that!” Always planning, and hardly ever following through… But I’m announcing to my little corner of cyberspace that I have indeed decided to go back to school… I’m in contact with admissions at a local university, and after I hear back about my eligibility for the program, I’ll apply (or otherwise complete necessary undergraduate courses). I plan to become a History and Social Studies teacher, and I’ll seek a Masters in Education… but don’t tell my mother… She’d be too happy. lol

In other news, I left my waitressing job which I loved! And now, I’m a Barista! I love making coffee, but I’m looking forward to teaching in the future.

Also, I finally have a Twitter! Find me on @loveandalyssa!

Thanks and Blessings to you,